Market Match and The Token Program are CLOSED for the Season

To see 2015 outcomes, visit the About>Market Match page!

Any unused tokens can be spent until the end of the market season (October 29,2016) or can be saved for next season! They never expire!

In Eau Claire, WI, we believe that everyone deserves access to healthy food. That’s why a coalition between the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market and Eau Claire County UW-Extension have established Market Match and the Token Program. Now, individuals and families who use FoodShare can shop for fresh, local food at the farmers market and have their money doubled to buy even more nutritious food! Learn more on the About page!

TokenBlue Token

What are people saying about Market Match and the Token Program?

“This is really amazing. I will finally have access to a lot of produce and other foods that were previously unaffordable to me. I’m very grateful.“

“Oh my goodness, I was thrilled! I couldn’t believe, I mean, this is a wonderful enough program as is, for those of us who live on a fixed income, but to get the extra (tokens) every week is just a tremendous bonus because there is just so much out here.”

“Everything is fresh, home grown and healthier. I think this is so wonderful to be able to use my QUEST card at the farmers’ market!”