Market Match

What is it?

Market Match, which started in June 2015, is a new program at the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market that increases access to healthy, local food for customers using FoodShare (formerly known as Food Stamps, federally known as SNAP). Serving as an addition to the Token Program, which has existed at the market for 3 years, Market Match will provide a one-to-one match to farmers’ market patrons who use their FoodShare benefits at the farmers market, up to $10 per week. That means, when a farmers market patron spends $10 of their FoodShare benefit at the farmers’ market, they receive an extra $10, in the form of wooden tokens, to spend on fresh, local food at the market. More money to shop means more food on the table. It also means a greater revenue for local farmers selling at the market!

What’s great about Market Match?
  • Healthy food will be cheaper for low-income individuals and families. This makes it easier to put food on the table and adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  • The Eau Claire Downtown Farmer’s Market has been defined as a redevelopment catalyst in the North Barstow
    Redevelopment District. Market Match grows the farmer’s market, which grows the economy.
  • On average, food travels more than 1,500 miles from farm to plate. Enhancing the local food market is good for the environment because it reduces fossil fuel emissions by keeping food production close to home.

2015 Success!

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How does it work?

Step 1 Find the token booth at the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market

Step 2 Swipe your FoodShare (SNAP) card.

Step 3Receive $1 for every $1 you spend, up to $10 per week per card*

Step 4 Shop for fresh, healthy, local food.

Step 5Experience the community at the market.

*Depending on funding available, Market Match may or may not be able to give a matching incentive throughout the summer. Want to ensure Market Match serves the community all summer long? Make a donation! Learn more on our Support page!

Who pays for it?

Market Match is paid for and supported by a group of amazing sponsors around the city. Without them, Market Match would not be possible.

See our list of supporters here.