Q: What can I use my tokens on?

A: If you purchase tokens with your FoodShare (SNAP) card, you can buy anything at the market that you would expect to be able to buy at the grocery store. That means, flowers are off limits as well as meal-prepared foods, but enjoy all the fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, cheese, and bread you want!

If you purchase tokens with your credit or debit card, you may spend them on anything!

**Did you know that you can buy food producing plants with your FoodShare?! This might include tomato plants, pepper plants, herb plants, etc. The Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market features vendors who sell food producing plants in the spring. Making this purchase once in the spring gives you food all summer long!

Q: Can I get change for my tokens or exchange them for cash?

A: No, unfortunately, because of federal rules associated with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program), no change can be given for your tokens and we cannot exchange them for cash. Each token is worth a dollar, so when purchasing anything of a full dollar amount, you should be good. When purchasing something that costs dollars and change, we suggest using a combination of tokens and change. For example, if you were to buy a loaf of bread for $2.50, use two tokens and two quarters. Otherwise, use three tokens and forfeit your change of $0.50.

Q: Can I use cash to buy tokens?

A: No. The token booth only deals in tokens. You won’t find any cash at the table! All vendors at the market accept cash. So, we suggest spending your cash this week and purchasing tokens next week.

Q: Can I use my tokens at other markets or at the grocery store?

A: No. The Token Program and Market Match are still very new programs. We just don’t have the capacity to expand…yet. With enough support from the community, the programs may someday be able to expand around the city of Eau Claire.

Q: When can I use my tokens?

A: You can use your tokens any market day, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday. Didn’t use your tokens before the end of the market season? No worries! They never expire! Save them and use them next year.

Q: How many tokens can I buy?

A: You can buy as many tokens as you want. To use the programs most effectively, though, there is a strategy:

When using Market Match with your FoodShare card, you can only receive up to $10 extra per week. Spend $10 and we’ll give you $10 extra. If $20 is enough to do your week’s shopping, we suggest only spending $10 each week, rather than stocking up on your tokens, so as to receive as much matching money as possible

When using the Token Program with your credit or debit card, you pay a $1 fee for every transaction. In this case, you may want to buy more tokens and stock up to save a few bucks. Remember, though, that these transaction fees help to sustain the Token Program. So, if you decide make more transactions of smaller money amounts, your good deed with be greatly appreciated!

Q: Can I donate to Market Match & The Token Program?

A: Yes! If you use the Token Program with your debit or credit card, a $1 transaction fee is charged that goes to pay for the cost of the point-of-sale machine that is used at the token booth. Credit and debit sales are essential to sustain the Token Program. We appreciate your help!

You can also donate cash or tokens at the token booth. Find our donation jar on the table.

If you want to make a larger donation to Market Match to pay for the 1:1 matching incentive, call Nancy Coffey at the Eau Claire County UW-Extension office at (715) 839-4712 or mail your donation to the Extension office at:

Attn: Nancy Coffey
Market Match
227 1st Ave W
Altoona, WI 54720

Write “Market Match” on the memo line

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If not, you can direct your questions to Nancy Coffey at the Eau Claire County UW-Extension office at (715) 839-4712.